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Technology is everywhere, and Artificial Intelligence is certainly on the rise from analyzing dash-cam footage to improving safety. How will this impact commercial trucking?
Soon, AI can be paired with vision technology to ensure pallets are loaded properly and in the right order. With predictive maintenance, we will be able to analyze driver behaviors in real time, which will allow forecasting of accurate shipping volumes and planning for future performance.

We’re all familiar with Alexa and Cortana and the ways they help automate our homes. Voice-activated technologies will be put to use in the trucking arena as well. I.D. Systems has created Lucy, a voice-activated system that allows users to get information from the fleet’s asset and cargo database without manually pulling reports. She is able to access detailed in-transit reporting and real-time status and analytics.

Last year Geodis launched Neptune, which uses real-time coordination of transport activity, reporting and analysis, and document archiving. This allows haulers and customers to manage activities from a single platform in minutes.

There’s no telling how technology will advance in the future, but we do know that staying current and on top of new developments is the only way to stay ahead.

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