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Mileage Pay vs Hourly Pay

When it comes to hourly pay versus mileage pay, there really is no correct answer. There are several factors to consider for each pay scale.

Drivers receiving hourly pay are guaranteed as long as the job is completed. Hourly rates also tend to factor in cost of living increases, and generally offer health insurance. You’ll have more time at home and can likely stay local. On the other hand, hourly pay drivers may miss out on layover and inconvenience pay.

Drivers on a per mile pay scale often find it easier to track their expected pay. Avoiding traffic delays to meet mileage goals and quotas comes into play here. You may be offered incentives or bonuses for being a top mileage producer.

Conversely, those traffic delays can impede the money you’re able to earn. City streets are a much slower pace so consider your area as well. Weather conditions, breakdowns, and other unforeseeable circumstances will negatively impact your wages.

At Carbon Express, we pay our drives both hourly and pre-mileage based on their unique circumstances. This ensures each of our drivers gets the most beneficial income package. We have been fortunate enough to offer a pay raise or bonus each quarter since January of 2017.

The happiness and loyalty of our drivers is our top priority. If you’re interested in joining our team, give our Driver Recruiting Hotline a call at 862-244-4761. Let’s get you started in your new career.

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