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Winter Driving Tips

Driving in bad weather is challenging for even the most experienced of drivers.  Snow and ice are especially due to the increased stop time required, poor visibility, and poor road traction.  Here are some tips to make sure you stay safe this season:

Stay Back – It may seem obvious, but leaving plenty of room between you and the vehicle in front of you can save you from a collision in poor road conditions and poor visibility.  In low visibility conditions, if you can see the taillights of the vehicle in front of you, you’re following too closely.

Know Your Limits – And the limits of your vehicle.  Knowing what your equipment can handle is a great way to stay safe.

Carry Cat Litter – Tires warmed from a drive can turn slush to ice once you’re parked.  Throw litter under your tires to help keep give you some extra traction.

Bring a Hammer & Putty Knife – Air tanks can freeze in extremely low temperatures.  Make sure there’s no snow or ice packed around your air tanks.  Any snow that melts from your engine heat can turn to ice from the cold metal.

Check Your Tires – Watch your tires often and make sure the wheels are turning.  In the event your brakes are frozen, check for a frozen valve or if the shoes are frozen to the drums.

The best safety against poor conditions is staying vigilant.  It’s okay to stop and pull over if the weather or visibility warrants.  We’d always rather our drivers arrive safely than quickly.

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