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Important Tips for Beginning Drivers

Making a name for yourself as a professional and safe driver will make you more valuable to fleets over the course of your career as most fleets have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to unsafe driving habits.  For starters, always keep your eyes on the road and give yourself plenty of stopping distance.  Here are some other tips to remember as you start out:

Your CDL isn’t a free pass  While getting your CDL takes a lot of studying and hard work, it simply means you have the basic skills to operate a commercial vehicle safely.  Experience, judgement, patience, and maturity come with time.  Your experience and expertise will grow with each year.

Be in the right frame of mind  When you’re behind the wheel of someone else’s truck, hauling someone else’s cargo, it’s important to maintain a professional attitude at all times.  Consider yourself on the job from the moment you turn the key until you climb out at the end of the day.

Be safe, even when no one is looking  Most truckers enjoy the freedom they get out on the road.  With no one looking over your shoulder, it can be easy to slack off a bit.  Get your job done safely and on time.  And avoid all the little things we do in our own vehicles, such as speeding, rolling through stop signs, running yellow lights, etc.  You’re a professional at all times, no exceptions.

Even when no one is looking, you’re not really alone  Fleets can, and do, check up on drivers.  IF you’re handling things safely at all times, you’ll generally be left alone and may even get a second chance in the case of an accident.  However, if your truck is sending safety alerts, your headquarters knows about it.

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