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If the Trucks Stop, the Country Stops

In the midst of all the Covid-19 closures, there is one industry that is still operating at full capacity, if not more.  The commercial trucking industry is responsible for delivering consumables to keep us fed, materials to keep us clothed, heating fuel to keep us warm, and medical supplies to keep us healthy.  The trucking industry handles more cargo than trains, ships, and planes.  And even when we factor in those modes of transportation, the goods won’t get from rail yards, ports, and airports without the trucks.  If trucking stopped, the economy would as well.

Truckers are on the road night and day bringing everything you need to try to maintain your expected quality of life regardless of the current pandemic, bad weather, or traffic nightmares.  Each product in your home, your office, or your yard has likely seen the inside of a truck.  The things we take for granted are only possible because truck drivers delivered the goods you needed when you needed them.

If the trucking industry were to ever shut down, hospitals would begin to run out of supplies, gas stations would run out of fuel, and mail delivery would end, all within 24 hours.  Waste and refuse would begin to reach unsanitary levels.  There is no allowance for a pandemic in the trucking industry.

Our drivers are heroes.  They are soldiers fighting an enemy that can’t see and going out there every day.  I am in absolute awe of their bravery.


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