Warm Weather Tips for Commercial Truckers

With spring finally here, temperatures are heating up all across the country.  Warmer temperatures bring some safety considerations that don’t necessarily apply during the colder winter months.

Increased heat can lead to faster erosion of your brakes. It’s important to remain vigilant of your vehicle maintenance all year round.

The same for your tires. Extreme heat increases the risk of a tire blowout. If your tires are underinflated, the risk is even greater. Be sure to continue to do all your routine inspections.

Summer means travel and vacations… and increased traffic. Be alert and aware of other drivers on the road.

Nicer weather and damage caused by snow plows results in more work zones. With workers on the roadways and heightened fines for traffic violations, slow down and use caution.

Summer months tend to have some nasty storms, whether it’s a thunderstorm, tornado, or hurricane. Roadways can quickly become flooded, visibility can plummet, and winds can gust. Know what’s ahead of you and pull over to wait until the storm has passed.

And always remember… Safety first! Your life and the lives of everyone else on the road are far more important that your haul.  Use caution, be alert, and know your limits.


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