Carbon Express, headquartered in Wharton, NJ, transports liquid bulk products across the United States and into Canada. Established in 1983, the company is a leader in the transport of lubricant base oils and other petroleum products.

Our value proposition is simple, says Steve Rush, President of Carbon Express. "We believe in serving our customers first and foremost. Our goal is perfect service- every load on time. We track our on time performance and we view all service failures as serious disconnects to our customers." Steve continues "We investigate every service failure to discover the root cause, accountability and corrective action. By no means are we perfect- but we strive for perfection. At Carbon Express there is no other way."

Carbon Express also feels it has achieved a unique niche in the tank truck industry. "We eliminated sleeper cabs from our fleet in 2009. The internal debate among my staff was intense and impassioned." Steve chuckles as he continues "Half of them agreed with me and half thought I was off my rocker." The decision resulted in a win-win for Carbon Express. "I truly believe Safety is our number one priority. By eliminating the sleepers and having our layover drivers staying and sleeping in motel rooms we have a more rested and alert group of drivers. That translates to safer drivers both for the Company and for the general public. Our safety record was good in 2009 and now in 2020 it's excellent. I know in my heart it's because our drivers are better rested and better prepared for the rigors of driving in today's conditions more so than most."

Steve believes the second 'win' in moving to all day cabs is that Carbon Express can haul more weight than its competitors. "The fact that we can haul more weight means a lot to our customers. We haul as much as 21% more weight than a lot of our completion. In addition to the benefit to the customers we believe are fulfilling our corporate responsibility to protect the environment. The greater utility we provide means less trucks needed to complete the jobs less fuel consumed and less emissions into the atmosphere.

In the end Steve says it's all about people. "I'm a great believer that it all begins and it all ends with people. My feeling is that I'll do anything I can to make sure my people are safe and well provided for and I would never ask anyone to do what I wouldn't do myself. People are our greatest asset"