9/12/2022 - Congratulations Gary Maxwell from Ohio!
The August winner of our truck of the month photo contest.


6/24/2021 - Carbon Express Announces 2nd Pay Raise in addition to profit share distributions for past three months

Carbon Express, headquartered in Wharton, NJ is a bulk chemical transportation company, the recent pay increase for drivers is the second pay increase in 2021 in addition to our profit-sharing distributions. It is a team effort and our team shares in our success.

Steve Rush, president & founder of Carbon Express has always viewed the Carbon Express team as a valuable asset. “I started my career as a driver and have always believed in rewarding our entire team for their commitment to providing quality service and safety for our customers,” said Steve Rush. “Pay is only one area that Carbon Express shows our commitment and gratitude to our work family.”

Carbon Express goes beyond just pay to keep it driving team safe and keeping the entire team up-to-date with the tools to do their job by implementing. For our drivers specifically we implemented years ago:
• Overnight Stays: When our drivers must be on the road for longer trips, we pay for them to sleep in a hotel. Rest in important!
• Paid for every hour: Our drivers are paid for every working hour including when they are at the truck wash.
• Paid for OT: Our drivers are paid OT for any hours worked over 40 each week
• Profit Sharing: Profit sharing distributions to our entire staff.
• Paid Vacation: All employees earn paid vacation time
• State-of-the-art training: Carbon Express has just opened a state-of-the-art training center that is driver training focused.

“Carbon Express has one of the best teams of hardworking and dedicated staff in the industry, we were voted as the company to watch in 2021 by the Truckload Carriers Association,” said Rush. “We are committed to providing support, whether that’s through new technology, a pay increase or a company bar-b-que. We are one big family."

1/1/2021 - Press Release: Best Fleets To Drive For:

Carbon Express named a 2021 Fleet to Watch - http://www.bestfleetstodrivefor.com/press/#release1609941600

5/07/2020 - Tanker Truck Industry Faces Challenges as Fuel Milk-Deliveries Decline

Tank truck carriers have been among the trucking industry’s hardest-hit segments during the COVID-19 pandemic, as demand for transport fuel and food commodities such as milk have fallen steeply amid the nation’s broad-based lockdown. “We’re in a survival mode,”...  Read entire article


TAT Ambassador Bill McNamee moved by survivor testimony even as his presentation moves others

Bill McNamee joined the trucking industry 30 years ago, because, "in the Marines, we were trained, then tasked to perform. Nobody was breathing down our necks to get us to follow orders or to get the job done correctly ... so trucking was a perfect fit for me, and I've had a successful career."

During his career as a truck driver, McNamee, who currently works for Carbon Express, received TAT training and felt equipped "to go out there and help in the fight." He actually made a call to the National Human Trafficking Hotline when he observed obvious pimp control over some females who were dropped off at a truck stop. He has also used his TAT training as a volunteer firefighter and medical first responder, keeping his eyes and ears open for signs of trafficking when he's out on calls.

Recently, as a member of America's Road Team, McNamee became inspired to become a TAT Ambassador and be able to make presentations educating more people about human trafficking. "I wanted to tell anyone who would listen all about this miserable problem we have in our world," he said, "and I wanted to make others aware of the work we, as professional truck drivers, do to fight human trafficking."

Earlier this year, McNamee spoke at a human trafficking seminar at the First Baptist Church in O'Fallon, Illinois. Prior to his presentation, he listened to a human trafficking survivor recount her experience as a victim and her ongoing struggle to recover. "As I sat there watching and listening to this young lady," he remembered, "it had such an impact on me. I almost couldn't go up there for my presentation. I had never listened to a survivor speak about the horrors of the experience or the misery that continues long after the rescue. It was life-changing for me. It literally broke my heart and put it all in perspective."


He did make his presentation and then did a second one as a TAT Ambassador. "Both presentations resulted in people coming up to our literature table, thanking me, asking for more literature, and asking how the TAT program can come to their other organizations. Once we present this program to new folks, and they realize how important this training is and how it can help their communities and save lives, they're eager to learn more," he explained. "This is when I know that we at TAT are making a difference for good ... I'm TAT-trained and TAT-proud."

Host of the event, Jessica May, who is also co-founder, president and CEO of Renewed Strength Ministries, said, "Bill did a phenomenal job with his presentation. He impacted many that were in attendance, spoke with attendees at his booth, and was moving with the testimonies he shared. He is incredible, and I look forward to working with him again in the future. Thank you again for allowing him to participate in our event."





March 1, 2019
Carbon Express has  just announced a 25 cent per hour raise in drivers pay retroactive to January 1.  Additionally, a second 25 cent per hour raise effective April 1.
The mileage rate has increased half a cent per mile retroactive to January 1, followed by another half a cent per mile increase on April 1.
The company has either raised pay or offered a bonus each quarter since January 1, 2017.

November 27, 2018
Issue bonuses to all company employees

October 1, 2018
Increased mileage pay by 5 cents per mile and reduced overtime threshold from 45 hours to 40 hours.

April 1, 2018
Issues bonus to all company employees

July 1, 2018
Reduced overtime threshold from 50 hours to 45 hours

January 1, 2018
Announced a driver pay increase of two cents per mile for mileage based drivers and $1.00 per hour for hourly drivers

Sept 1, 2017
Announced a driver pay increase of half a cent per mile for mileage based drivers and $0.50 per hour for hourly drivers

July 1, 2017
Announced a driver pay increase of half a cent per mile for mileage based drivers and $0.50 per hour for hourly drivers

April 1, 2017
Announced a driver pay increase of half a cent per mile for mileage based drivers and $0.50 per hour for hourly drivers

January 1, 2017
Announced a driver pay increase of half a cent per mile for mileage based drivers and $0.50 per hour for hourly drivers