Carbon Express has a simple yet very successful formula; and it’s about being green. That is, we work hard to reduce the weight of our tractors and trailers so we can haul more products for our customers.  In doing so, we move more product with fewer trucks, less fuel, and lower emissions. This is good for the environment. In addition, it means more green in the pockets of our customers.

So how does green for the environment mean more green for our customers?

To understand the Carbon Express approach starts with a look back. If one were to go back to the early seventies when the legal highway limits were set at 73,280 lbs gross and look at a typical gasoline trailer they would find these trailers were built to hold 8,500 gallons.  When the highway limits were increased to 80,000 lbs gross trailers were then built to hold 9,200 gallons and as time moved on people started to remove such items as spare seats in the cab and dolly legs on the trailers in order to get more net gallons on each load and now we are seeing trailers that can hold as much as 9,500 gallons.

By reducing the weight of the equipment a typical gasoline hauler is able to net 55,000 lbs and sometimes even more as compared to a typical lube hauler who is somewhere between net 45,000 lbs and 48,000 lbs. This translates to big bucks over time and bucks that usually come out of the shipper’s pocket.

Carbon Express does it different.

We learned from the gasoline business and applied that knowledge to the transport of lubricant base oils and other petroleum products. We keep our equipment weight down to increase the volume of product we haul. In addition to this approach being good for the environment, our customers find the efficiency gained by this approach is staggering in dollars and cents.

Although most states allow a maximum of 80,000 lbs gross there are a number of states that allow more. New York for examples we are able to carry a gross weight of 107,000 lbs while Mass NH Maine and Vermont all allow us to haul 99,000 lbs gross. For example we can come from Canada to any location in the state of New York with gross weights as much as 92,000 lbs


The Carbon Express difference: We haul more net gallons which equal less transportation dollars spent and savings for our environment.