Bulk Liquid Hauling

While the chemical haulers have gone to one generic trailer, a stainless steel insulated trailer, Carbon Express has built its fleet to meet the specific needs of its shippers in order to be able to haul more net weight or more net gallons per load. We have a fleet of aluminum non insulated trailers for both oils and solvents that allow us to maximize each load.

Carbon Express has stainless steel insulated trailers that allow us to haul as much as 50,000 lbs net versus the industry standard of 44,000 lbs net.


Carbon Express has a variety of DOT Specification tank trailers including stainless insulated, non-insulated, aluminum insulated and aluminum non insulated single and multi-compartment trailers to haul flammables, corrosives and poisons.


We can haul chemical and petroleum products, as well as those requiring bottom loading, overfill protection and vapor recovery.


All drivers have TWIC cards and hazmat certifications.

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