Great Job Melisssa Bencivengo!

Melissa started at Carbon on February 4, 2019. Didn’t have a lot of experience but was eager to learn the business. She started out running local and regional and was constantly asking drivers questions to learn as much as possible. She made several deliveries to NYC which you know is not the easiest place to get around, but she handled it great without any incidents. As she picked up more experience and her confidence grew she expanded her runs to some over the road into the Midwest, Southern states and Canada.

Always learning, always eager to take on more and willing to help out whenever she could. We had some longer runs and Melissa jumped at the chance to take a run to Denver, CO. From there, we had a weeks long project running from California to Wyoming and asked Melissa if she would like to go out there. Again she jumped at the chance, and has done a great job out there handling the mountains . She is accident free and was looking forward to competing in the NJ Motor Truck Driving Championship this year but it was canceled. She has been a great asset to Carbon Express and we look to hire other women drivers just like her. Shown here accepting 2019 Award for Women in Trucking.